We deliver your music to all stores worldwide and provide samples to popular german Radio and TV stations

We bridge the gap between labels and music editors. Editors and journalists from radio, TV, print and online editorial offices can be sampled
with the current titles within minutes. The titles are available for research and can be listened to in full length and, if necessary, downloaded in top quality.
This is the foundation you need to be successful in germany.
29 Monthly
  • Bring your music up to 2000 selected Radio / TV stations in Germany
  • Worldwide airplay monitoring
  • Newsletter to all registered MPN-clients
submit your song and promo package


  • You submit your song and promo package to band-promotion
  • Our experts will pick the right editors/journalists which fits your style best
  • We serve the best chances for airplay in germany, one of the most important music markets worldwide.

What you get:

  • mail push service – monthly list of radio stations  which got in contact with your product
  • airplay monitoring 24 /7 
  • hand selected radiostations only, to avoid  annoyed editors
  • if we love your songs, we will share them to our network